Cannes Film Festival 2006

Her career begins in 1980 with the movie La boum from Claude Pinoteau, while she is just 14. The comedy is a big hit, not only in France, but in the whole world. The director, because of the high success, does a sequel two years later. These two films allow Sophie to become very famous, and her performance in La boum 2 wins her the Cesar (french Oscar) for the most promising actress.

La Boum (1980)

At the age of 16, feeling a sort of confinement about her agreement with Gaumont, she decides to borrow 1 million francs in order to buy it back. She would then be able to choose her own parts. She meets Polish director Andrzej Zulawski in 1984, and does L'amour braque with him. It is the blow of lightning ! In spite of their important age difference (she is 18, he is 44), their love story will go on (and has been going on for 15 years today). The couple make another 3 movies together : Mes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours, La note bleue and the recent La Fidelite. Their first child, Vincent, was born on july 24th 1995

L'Etudiante (1988)

Sophie’s cinematographic choices are disconcerting for many people, because of the movies are so different : sometimes popular romantic comedies (L’etudiante, Fanfan), sometimes hard-to-see intellectual movies (Police, Zulawski movies), which are generally not successful. But this does not prevent her from becoming the most popular actress in France. Wanting to break her shopgirl's image (she is especially loved for her physical appearance), Sophie would like to be known for her intelligence and her personality too. Her outspokeness seems to shock more than one, with her acerbic declarations about french cinema. Being a little abandoned by many great french directors, probably for her personality, which is said to be “hard”, she does the big jump to Hollywood. In 1994, Mel Gibson chooses her to play Princess Isabelle in his epic award-winning movie Braveheart. A chance for Sophie : an international career is now offered to her. Even if Par-dela les nuages, Anna Karenine, Firelight have not met the success, the latest James Bond movie helps to make Sophie the most popular french actress in the world.

Anthony Zimmer (2005)

But Sophie’s interests don’t stop there. Writer ("Menteuse" which means "Liar"), painter in her spare time, director (short movie L'Aube a l'envers), she isn’t reluctant to take position in social and cultural life. She protects animals, and is the godmother of Arc-en-ciel (an association which makes the dreams of sick children come true).

Her sensibility, her generosity, her beauty and her talent should allow her to continue a great international career…

Compiled from various sources.